ROUND 3 - SLOVAKIA RING (SVK) 05.-07.07.2019

DOC_01- Judgets of Fact.pdf
DOC_02- Timetable Official Version 1.pdf
DOC_03- Technical Report No 1 Initial Scrutineering.pdf
DOC_04-Technical Report No 2 Safety Issue.pdf
DOC_06- Stewards Constituon of the Panel.pdf
DOC_07- List of Admitted Trucks.pdf
DOC_08- Race Directors Report No 1.pdf
DOC_09- Race Directors Report No 2.pdf
DOC_10- Race Directors Report No 3.pdf
DOC_11 Result Free Practice No 1.pdf
DOC_12- Race Directors Report No 4.pdf
DOC_13- Result Free Practice 2.pdf
DOC_15- Technical Report No 3.pdf
DOC_18- Race Director´s Report No 5.pdf
DOC_19- Race Director´s Report No 6.pdf
DOC_20- Qualifying Result 1 Timed Practice 1.pdf
DOC_21- Qualifying 1 Result Super Pole.pdf
DOC_22- Result Combined Qualifying 1.pdf
DOC_23- FINAL Result Combined qualifying 1.pdf
DOC_24- Final Starting grid for Race 1.pdf
DOC_25- Technical Report No 4.pdf
DOC_26- Decision No 1_Request from the Driver.pdf
DOC_27-Race Director´s Report.pdf
DOC_28- Provisional Result Race 1.pdf
DOC_29- Summon No 1.pdf
DOC_30- Summon No 2.pdf
DOC_31- Technical Report No 5.pdf
DOC_32- Race Director´s Report No 7.pdf
DOC_33-Final Result Race 1.pdf
DOC_34- Final Start Grid Race 2.pdf
DOC_35- Race Director´s Report No 8.pdf
DOC_36- Decision No 2.pdf
DOC_37- Provisional ResultsRace 2.pdf
DOC_38- Technical Report No 6.pdf
DOC_39-Final Result Race2.pdf
DOC_40- Results.pdf
DOC_41-Result Warm Up Sunday.pdf
DOC_42-Technical Reminder No 1.pdf
DOC_43-Race Deirector´s Report No 9.pdf
DOC_44-Result Timed Practice 2- Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_45-Result Combined Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_46-Result Super Pole 2 Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_47-Technical Report No 7.pdf
DOC_48- Bulletin No 1.pdf
DOC_49-Result Super Pole- Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_50-Timed Practice 2- Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_51-Combined TP and SP- Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_52-Bulletin No2.pdf
DOC_53-FInal Result Combined TP and SP Qualifying 2.pdf
DOC_54- Final Starting Grid Race 3.pdf
DOC_55-Provisional Result Race 3.pdf
DOC_56-Race Director´s Report No 10.pdf
DOC_57- FInal Starting Grid Race 4.pdf
DOC_58- Final Results Race 3.pdf
DOC_59-Technical Report No 8.pdf
DOC_60-Provisional Race 4.pdf