ROUND 5 - CIRCUIT ZOLDER (BEL) 10. - 12.09.2021

Doc.N.01 - Stewards Constitution of the Panel.pdf
Doc.N.02 - Race Directors Document N1 Briefing notes version 1.pdf
Doc.N.03 - Race Directors Document N2 Bulletin N1.pdf
Doc.N.04 - Briefiing Attendance.pdf
Doc.N.05. - Technical Report N1.pdf
Doc.N.06 - Entry list.pdf
Doc.N.07 - Stewards Document N3 List of trucks allowed to take part in the event.pdf
Doc.N.08 - Stewards Bulletin N1 - Judges of fact, Parc Fermeé, ....pdf
Doc.N.09 - Result Free Practice 1.pdf
Doc.N.10 - Race Directors Document N3 Session report Free Practice 1.pdf
Doc.N.100 - Final Result Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.101 - Championship 2021 after Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.102 - Goodyear Cup Classification after Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.103- Team Title 2021 after Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.104 - Stewards Decison N5 77.pdf
Doc.N.105 - Stewards Decison N6 77.pdf
Doc.N.106 - Stewards Decison N7 25.pdf
Doc.N.11 - Race Directors Document N4 30 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.12 - Race Directors Document N5 41 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.13 - Race Directors Document N6 33 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.14 - Race Directors Document N7 17 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.15 - Race Directors Document N8 30 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.16 - Race Directors Document N9 30 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.17 - Race Directors Document N10 33 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.18 - Race Directors Document N11 30 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.19 - Race Directors Document N12 33 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.20 - Race Directors Document N13 41 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.21 - Race Directors Document N14 17 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.22 - Race Directors Document N15 Session report Free Practice 2.pdf
Doc.N.23 - Result Free Practice 2.pdf
Doc.N.24 - Stewards Bulletin N2 - Judges of fact, Parc Fermeé, ....pdf
Doc.N.25 - Result Warm-up 1.pdf
Doc.N.26 - Race Directors Document N16 41 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.27 - Race Directors Document N17 Session report Warm-up 1.pdf
Doc.N.28 - Request for neutralisation of Parc Fermé 24.pdf
Doc.N.29 - Stewards Decision N1 24.pdf
Doc.N.30 - Request for neutralisation of Parc Fermé 25.pdf
Doc.N.31 - Stewards Decision N2 25.pdf
Doc.N.32 - Result Timed Practice (Q1).pdf
Doc.N.33 - Result Combined Qualifying 1.pdf
Doc.N.34 - Result Super Pole (Q1).pdf
Doc.N.35 - Race Directors Document N18 30 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.36 - Race Directors Document N19 Session report Timed Practice 1.pdf
Doc.N.37 - Final Result Combined Qualifying 1.pdf
Doc.N.38 - Starting grid Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.39 - Race Directors Document N20 17 gaining an advantage.pdf
Doc.N.40 - Stewards Decision N3 17.pdf
Doc.N.41 - Provisional Result Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.42 - Goodyear Cup Result Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.43. - Technical Report N2 after Q1 and Super Pole.pdf
Doc.N.44. - Technical Report N3 after Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.45 - Race Directors Document N21 1 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.46 - Race Directors Document N22 1 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.47 - Race Directors Document N23 Session report Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.48 - Final Result Race 1.pdf
Doc.N.49 - Starting grid Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.50 - Championship 2021.pdf
Doc.N.51 - Goodyear Cup Classification.pdf
Doc.N.52 - Team Title 2021.pdf
Doc.N.53 - Provisional Result Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.54 - Goodyear Cup Result Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.55 - Race Directors Document N24 Session report Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.56 - Technical Report N4 after Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.57 - Final Result Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.58 - Championship 2021 after Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.59 - Goodyear Cup Classification after Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.60 - Team Title 2021 after Race 2.pdf
Doc.N.61 - Stewards Bulletin N3 - Judges of fact, Parc Fermeé, ....pdf
Doc.N.62 - Result Warm-up 2.pdf
Doc.N.63 - Race Directors Document N25 Session report Warm-up 2.pdf
Doc.N.64 - Stewards Communication N1.pdf
Doc.N.65 - Result Timed Practice 2 (Q2).pdf
Doc.N.66 - Result Combined Qualifying 2.pdf
Doc.N.67 - Result Super Pole (Q2).pdf
Doc.N.68 - Race Directors Document N26 #25 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.69 - Race Directors Document N27 #86 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.70 - Race Directors Document N28 Session report Timed Practice 2 + Super Pole.pdf
Doc.N.71- Technical Report N5 after Q2 and Super Pole.pdf
Doc.N.72 - Final Starting grid Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.73 - Stewards Summons N01.pdf
Doc.N.74 - Stewards Decision N4 41.pdf
Doc.N.75 - Provisional result Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.76 - Goodyear Cup Result Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.77 - Final Result Combined Qualifying 2.pdf
Doc.N.78 - Race Directors Document N29 25 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.79 - Race Directors Document N30 25 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.80 - Race Directors Document N31 25 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.81 - Race Directors Document N32 25 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.82 - Race Directors Document N33 24 overspeed.pdf
Doc.N.83 - Race Directors Document N34 Session report Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.84 - Technical Report N6 after Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.85 - Final Result Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.86 - Final Starting grid Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.87 - Championship 2021 after Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.88 - Goodyear Cup Classification after Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.89 - Team Title 2021 after Race 3.pdf
Doc.N.90 - Stewards Summons N02 77.pdf
Doc.N.91 - Stewards Summons N03 24.pdf
Doc.N.92 - Provisional Result Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.93 - Goodyear Cup Classification after Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.94 - Race Directors Document N38 Session report Race 4.pdf
Doc.N.97- Technical Report N6 after Race 4.pdf